MCSO SAR is a 100% volunteer organization. Members donate hundreds of hours of their time annually to train, practice, and perform on missions. Below are some of the key staff involved in the overall operation of MCSO SAR.

Courtney Keller

Head Advisor

Courtney is in charge of the overall functioning of MCSOSAR. She has been a member of the unit since 1999.

Janette Pipkin

Asst. Head Advisor

Janette has been with the unit since 1999. She is responsible for overseeing Administration & Human Resources.

Jake Keller

Training Advisor

Jake is in charge of planning and managing MCSO SARís annual training program. He has been a member since 1999.

Jason Paulson

Logistics Advisor

A member since 1996, Jason is oversees the acquisition, tracking, &† maintenance of MCSO SAR vehicles, facilities and equipment.


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