MCSO SAR provides all the training new members need to meet Oregon state search and rescue certification standards.

Training consists of weekly classroom style meetings on Wednesday nights, followed by field-practice and search drills during weekend long monthly training outings. All training is taught by experienced searchers, Advisors, and visiting professionals. All trainees and certified searchers are expected to meet certain state and team-specific criteria before being considered field-deployable. Safety is our top priority, but fun is important too!

The four primary search types (Hasty/Trail, Open Grid, Closed Grid , and Evidence) are taught along with basic search theory, operating as a search team member, & searching in an urban environment.

Searchers learn rescue techniques including patient packaging, litter carry and helicopter extrication procedures.

New members learn how to navigate using a map,  compass, and GPS.

All members learn basic patient assessment, and are certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Survival training includes Fire-building, shelter building and snow survival.


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Leadership, self-reliance, are key skills our members learn.

Leadership & Self-Reliance